• Centennial Qianjiang Refrigeration
  • Centennial Qianjiang Refrigeration
  • Centennial Qianjiang Refrigeration
Our industry
Qianjiang refrigeration is a diversified group company with machinery manufacturing, trade market and property management as its pillar industries, and real estate development and capital investment as its integral whole.
About us
Digital Integration Benefit
Qianjiang refrigeration promotes transformation and upgrading and is committed to comprehensive, diversified and three-dimensional development of the group.
Qianjiang group building
Founded in
3000 +
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  • Group Culture
    The enterprise culture is the value with the characteristics of qianjiang recognized by all employees, and it is the sum of the enterprise's operating principles, operating style, enterprise spirit, ethics and development goals.
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  • Talent Strategy
    The competition of enterprises, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents. Human resources are the key factors to enhance the core competition of enterprises and ensure the sustainable development of them. With the growth of the group and the expansion of the industry, the demand for all kinds of talents has becoming urgent.
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